What Sets Valdez Legal Advocacy Apart?

Daniel Valdez has been in the legal industry for over a decade. He assisted in several aspects of legal claims before becoming licensed to practice in 2013. During his time in the industry, he identified boundaries and stigmas that hinders a person’s accessibility to legal assistance. These boundaries include cost, transparency, and convenience. Most importantly, Daniel identified that people who are in need just want an attorney who they can trust and whose goals align with their best interest. As a result, Daniel established Valdez Legal Advocacy, PLLC (“VLA”) with one purpose in mind – provide a platform where people, regardless of their background, can easily access real legal solutions, free from industry related misconceptions. VLA’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values outline our dedication towards being your initial resource when you are faced with a legal issue and potentially your ultimate solution.


The mission of VLA is to become your instinctive legal resource when your rights are in question. As your go-to firm, VLA has established a firm culture that prides itself in simplified effective legal solutions that is coupled with technology and modern-day conveniences. VLA has also developed a network of experienced legal professionals to ensure your legal concerns do not go unresolved.


In a technology driven world, VLA’s vision is to strike a balance between providing quick and effective legal assistance, while maintaining personal interactions with our clients and developing long-term relationships with them as well.


Our mission and vision are driven by the core values we have instilled in our practice.

Provide trustworthy and compassionate legal assistance:
VLA believes that powerful results only come from an open and trusting attorney-client relationship. This is why we are dedicated to providing quality service tailored to each client’s individual situation. We will take into account the beliefs and perspective of each client.

We want to help people navigate their options:
VLA strives to ensure that clients thoroughly understand how the law applies to their individual situation and help them select the best decision that fits their circumstance. We’re in the business of helping and people will always be the cornerstone of our operation.

Be a welcoming atmosphere and identity:
When your rights are in question, there is a sense of vulnerability that cannot be overlooked – so one of our core values is to ensure our clients are comfortable. VLA is willing to go above and beyond to prove that we have your best interest at heart.

Properly utilize technology to reduce cost and promote efficiency and quality representation:
Cost is one of the biggest reason people are unable to access legal help. This is why VLA is dedicated to developing policies, procedures, systems, and investing in technology, which collectively allows us to provide more legal services to you at the most reasonable rate.